Tools and Supplies

Click here to download a copy of our Canxus Cylinder Head Repair Tools & Supplies.

We carry a wide range of tools and supplies for automotive machine shops. We can supply you with everything from abrasives to lubricants and cleaners to specialty tools for engine rebuilding and many more items in between.

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Valve, Guide & Seat Tools
Valve Spring Tools/ Shims
Head Surfacing Supplies
Crack Detection & Repair
Shop Essentials
Boring & Honing Supplies
Piston & Rod Supplies
Crank/Cam Tools
Flywheel Tools
Diamond Dressers
Brake Tools
Measuring Tools


Cleaning/ Coating Supplies
Lubricants/ Coolants
Cylinder Head Tools
Crack Detection & Repair
Surfacing Tools & Supplies
Cylinder Block Tools/Supplies
Cam Bearing Tools
Flywheel Tools/ Supplies
Speciality Shop Tools
Rimac Spring Testers
Engine Paint


Cylinder Head Tools
Short Block Tools
Crankshaft Polisher/Supplies

Brush Research

Industrial Brushes


Crack Repair for Cast Iron
& Aluminum Castings
Thread Repair


Valve Seat Cutting System


Valve Guide Liners
Liner Install Tools


Valve Guide Liners
Liner Install Tools


Thread Repair
Engine Parts
We supply a full line of quality domestic & import parts.
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Additional Product Lines
Irontite • K-Line • Lock-N-Stich • Pioneer • Rapid • SBI

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